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Everything is energy

It was an important awareness that the frustration towards myself came from inside, yet I still needed a few more steps before the paradigm shift from happening.

Because immediately after my recovery I still believed the cause was due to my poor diet.

So I started to review my diet, researching online and reading books.

I also started exercising and started to take Spanish lessons.

As long as I kept my diet in check and did the things I enjoyed, I would be fine! I thought.

I started yoga, joined a flamenco class, began my Spanish lessons and met new people ….etc.

However, it seemed that the more I did the things I enjoyed, the more unfulfilled I felt inside somewhere.

Why don’t I feel better when I’m doing the right thing? and new frustrations began to grow.

The reason I wasn’t feeling satisfied, even though I was doing things I enjoyed and things that were supposed to be good for my body, was because I wasn’t doing what was right for me.

I was choosing things from my head, not from my heart.

The realisation reminded me of the awareness during my month-long bedridden life that ‘negative feelings towards myself come from within!’

Finally the paradigm shift occurred!

‘Why did I get so sick in the first place?’

Little by little I began to think about the root cause.

I went further and further back in time and found some turning points at the root.

It was when I was looking for a solution to those root causes that I discovered energy healing.

How do we get sick?
What do the conditions we call illnesses mean?
How can we treat the invisible wounds?

By learning about things like frequency and emotional energy, I began to understand what I was feeling all along and I also learned that I could change it.

Energy work was interesting and one day in 2015, about two years after I became a certified practitioner, I was invited as an energy healer by the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico, which offers integrative medicine.

At the time, they were looking at integrating energy healing into their treatments, and I was invited to help them with their research.

There, I contributed to the healing of the patients by aligning their energies to an optimal state for healing through my energy healing work.

If the foundation is in an unnatural state, it will not become natural no matter what you build on top of it.

Energy healing is able to work on the energy of the foundation.

Whether the goal you want to achieve is to get fit, follow your passion and get your dream job or build good relationships, the first step is to clear and realign the energy from your foundation.

Nowadays, I work with clients from all over the world.

Book your session today!

Kaeko in three words….


Art has been part of my life since I was young.

My recent passion is making portraits with pastels!

My style throughout my work is to use all sorts of colours not only that I see, but also I feel.


Through the universal energy, I communicate and connect with everything at different levels.

And I enjoy that 🙂


I love exploring nature, visiting different places, meeting new people, learning new things.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you 😆


Energy Healer, Body Code®, Emotion Code®, Access Bars®

Born in Japan.

Loves traveling, making art, nature, photography and learning languages.

Relocated back to Japan - 2021~
Energy Healer at Sanoviv Institute , Mexico-  2015/2018/2024
Open a virtual energy healing practice –  2014~
Certified Emotion Code®, Body Code® - 2013
Art Teacher at an independent school - 2003-2013
MA in Textiles Goldsmiths College, University of London -  2000
Moved to London, UK  - 1998
BA in Textile Design Kyoto Seika University - 1998