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Heart Wall

It is a barrier against emotional pain, created by the subconscious to “protect” the heart.

It is made of Trapped Emotions.

It may dull the sensations of heartache and can create emotional callousness, but may be helpful while you need it.

However, if you are reading this article now, you may be ready to remove it.

Ever since my heart wall was removed, I see colours more vividly. I went to see an art exhibition by a well-known artist. I wasn’t familiar with his work previously. This time, I noticed the beautiful details in his work and also, I run into the artist himself at the exhibition! Wow…

Female in her 30s

I got married again to a man I met shortly after Kaeko removed my heart wall! We are now setting up a business together. I am very happy! Thank you!

Femaile in her 40s

Here, I just shared two testimonials but there are others who has changed their jobs, went on a solo-trip abroad for the first time… etc.

If you are reading this now, how would you like to be transformed by removing heart walls?

I offer my heart-wallowing sessions via email sessions.

Why email sessions?

It is because heart walls are made up of trapped emotions and the number of emotions that create heart walls varies from person to person, so the time taken to release heart walls can vary.

And, it is helpful to have a report on what trapped emotions were released from the heart wall.

Included in the report:

  • Details of your heart walls
  • Details of the trapped emotions that were creating your heart walls
  • A message from your heart wall (original).

I will use oracle cards to find out the message from your heart wall. The report will also include a photo of the card so you can feel the energy yourself as well.

The following information is required when you apply.

  • Full name
  • Date of birth

The report will be sent to you in PDF format within a week after your payment is received.

More about my energy healing sessions, please visit here.

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